Boo and the Mojo Radio Podcast!

Boo recently had the opportunity to share his experiences with Gary Bertwistle and Robbo from the Mojo Radio Show Podcast. In the podcast Boo touches on a whole range of current issues! What did Gary ask Boo? Take a look….

  • When people ask Boo what he does, how does he like to reply?
  • Boo’s medical discharge and finding purpose after being a Jet Fighter Pilot
  • There are 500 items for a Jet Fighter Pilot to remember – why checklists are an essential SOP?
  • “How we train is how we fight,” yet in business we don’t. Are we giving the advantage to our competitor?
  • How do we ensure the mission has been heard and understood before leaving the briefing room?
  • How do we create clarity around what we need to do?
  • The power of the Blue Angels approach to the debrief
  • The Afterburner process for a genuinely effective debrief – nameless, rankless. RESULT, REASON, RESPONSE
  • Taking ownership by the Blue Angels: “I’ll fix my safeties, and I am glad to be here.”
  • Learning to take ownership of what went wrong and getting on to fix it
  • An effective debrief can improve performance by 300%. Are some debriefs too subjective, too many peoples opinions?
  • What is the Red Team?
  • What’s chasing the needle and does that show up in business?
  • What’s the OODA Loop process?
  • Boo has been conditioned to live and deal with stress as an elite jet fighter pilot. Does Boo need stress to feel fulfilled today?
  • Why is it that elite performers can’t take the lessons and all they know is to be the best of the best in the air?
  • How does Boo see failure?
  • When a pilot is thinking checklists, they will take the attitude of “more how.”  What’s the formula?
  • The alter ego of a jet fighter pilot

Listen to the podcast here:


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