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The Value of Experiential Team Building

Non-Experiential Team Building


When considering a team building program for your next event, think about your most valuable outcomes and the take-aways you wish to enjoy after the event. Are they inclusive? Does the activity line up with your overall strategic goals?

There are virtually hundreds of team challenges and activities on the market that provide outcomes ranging from fun, to boosting group morale, laughter, highlighting deficiencies and much much more. Some of the less sophisticated activities can arguably do more harm than good. For example, when lack of trust is prevalent, competing in a physical obstacle course isn’t going to change the situation. Or when a team isn’t working well together, a three-legged race isn’t going to lift them from a pattern of poor performance.

Each business and team is different, and has unique needs and objectives. If you want to invest your time and money on something worthwhile, think about the current situation of your team or business and then define your event objectives from there. Only then can you determine a team building event that is right for you. Remember, one size does not fit all.

The Value of Experiential Team Building

With that in mind, why not really ‘wow’ your people by offering something more than the usual ‘fun’ team challenge? Choose a program that will actually add value to your business and produce some positive outcomes such as:

  • Learning how to get things done more effectively, as individuals and a team
  • Exposure to a new way of thinking and operating
  • Inspire ownership and accountability for results in all team members
  • Increase alignment to defined objectives at all levels of the business
  • Question ­existing team dynamics, issues, and behaviours
  • Improve decision making and individual leadership skills

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You may not be interested in all of the above outcomes. However I guarantee if you think about what’s been happening in your business, any challenges or possible growth or improvement areas, you’ll discover that at least one of these outcomes (or a variation of) from a team building activity would add significant value to you, your team and entire business.

If you’d like to learn more about experiential team building program that will add value to your business and provide actual ROI, please contact us. We’d love to help you create an amazing team building experience.


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