Flawless Execution for Sales

A disciplined sales planning process and customer-centric debriefing.

Win more deals and influence the market with Flex

Are you scrambling to sell your product or and service in today’s highly disrupted and dynamic environment?  More so than ever before, traditional businesses are challenged by digitization and automation, and sales teams must look at new ways to sell and grow amongst this disruption. Here’s how:

1. Develop situational awareness to understand your customer’s needs

If your team doesn’t know what its threats are, or doesn’t know the effects of its actions, it won’t survive. You’re what we call ‘tumbleweed’—just blowing in the wind. Instead, if your team wants to operate successfully in the competitive marketplace, it needs to know what’s going on around them. It needs to have situational awareness or, in fighter pilot speak, ‘SA’, to be agile and ahead of your competitors at all times.

Even more powerful is creating SA for your buyer. Helping the buyer develop clarity as to their objectives will enable you to offer a tailored solution aligned to the buyer’s actual needs.

2. Service excellence through debriefing

Mastering any craft takes numerous iterations of improving on previous performance. Sales in no different. We also know that understanding a customer’s needs allows you to curate valuable tailored solutions.

A structure debrief will allow you to improve your own performance as well as understand the challenges and future needs of your customers. Here’s how:

Result – What’s the result your client is hoping to achieve through engaging your organisation. If you’re not clear, these a good reason they’re not either.

Reason – What is the reason they have developed this desired result? Through this question we may be able to identify a suite of services to come back to the client with, to assist them with achieving their result.

Response – Undertake to come back to your client with a clear plan that allows them to achieve their objective, with you as the key resource.

3. Discipled and collaborative planning

Fighter pilots don’t plan on their own, they bring in specialists from intelligence, maintenance, weather, weapons, and terrain who can contribute to ‘building the picture’ or have the situational awareness they need.

Sales teams are no different. Their plans will include how to deliver what the client wants, so consider including your client in the planning process. Nothing beats that for improving the quality of both the plan and the client relationship.

Our approach to sales is like no other. Through the use a disciplined sales planning process and customer-centric debriefing, you will fuel annual sales strategies, weekly account plans, and single-sales-call plans like never before.


Sales Team Development

An Afterburner team building program will equip your sales team with the tools to stay competitive in a game where the arena and the rules change every day. Our programs are experiential, fast-paced and will inspire your team to win more deals and influence the market.

Led by our team of elite military aviators, your team will participate in a high-energy Mission Planning exercise to challenge the way your people think and operate.

Your team will learn:

  • How to develop clear, measurable and achievable objectives and the enabling courses of action to achieve their goals
  • How to increase the collective awareness of their environment or “situational awareness” to create clarity for the team and their buyers.
  • The value of debriefing to improve individual and collective performance.

Business Planning Day

Afterburner’s Business Planning Day (“BPD”) is highly focused, experiential planning workshop. It’s not a lesson or theoretical exercise – it’s a real world planning exercise designed to develop clear, actionable and measurable business strategies and plans. The program is facilitated by a fighter pilot and builds upon your team’s introductory Flex knowledge and skills.

Through the use of a unique and stress-tested military planning process, your team will:

  • Create strategies and plans that are clear, practical and above all executable.
  • Identify and articulate critical business objectives that are aligned to your organization’s overall corporate strategy and purpose.
  • Develop an executable strategy and/or action plan that identifies who will do what by when, how they are going to do it, and any follow-on actions or plans.

“It works! Out of a dozen or so speakers I have listened to over the years for improving my skills as a salesman, this one hosted by Christian “Boo” was the most effective, with the most usable and relatable skills.”


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