Align the art of strategy to the science of day to day execution.

What is FLEX?

Flex is an abbreviation for “Flawless Execution”, or ensuring our day to day actions achieve the strategy or future we desire. More specifically, it is the methodology fighter pilots use to create situational awareness. It’s also the way entrepreneurs, successful coaches and athletes think and act.

It is an agile way of thinking and a framework for action for use in business, your personal life, sport or any endeavour where the achievement of a goal is important. Does it work? Every single fighter pilot in the Western world uses the methodology and have done for over 60 years, without change. More and more businesses are using it too, to keep pace with the complexity and rapid change that we’re experiencing in the digital era.

How does FLEX work?

Flex helps you align the art of strategy to the science of day to day execution, it provides your team with a way of working each and every day to improve clarity, alignment and most importantly, performance against your key strategic goals.

Who can use FLEX?

Individuals. Teams. Leaders and emerging Leaders. Anyone with a goal and the passion to achieve it.

FLEX has a universal application and can be used to instill the habit patterns required to succeed in any team or organisation.

FLEX at a glance


PLAN. Create clarity, alignment and motivation through an executable strategy by answering who, what, when, why and what-if. We’ve distilled this to six simple steps that work at every level of the organisation.

1. Determine the Mission Objective
2. Identify Threats
3. Identify Available Resources
4. Evaluate Lessons Learned
5. Determine Courses of Action
6. Plan for Contingencies

BRIEF: Many good plans fail as a result of poor communication. We’ll educate and demonstrate the keys to successful communication that enhances the execution of your strategy

EXECUTE: There is no escaping human performance limitations when you’re flying an aircraft at over 1,500km/h. We know the common human performance limitations that lead to poor execution and equip you with the skills to identify these within yourself. These enables you to take action and spend more time ‘in the zone’.

DEBRIEF: The most powerful tool in Flex. Fighter pilots say “the debrief is more important than the mission itself”, we’ll highlight why a culture of highlighting day-to-day mistakes as a team and fixing them improves performance and mental health in your organisation.


“Thank you to you and the team for a very successful day. My team and I have already started talking about how do we make debriefing a daily practice.”

Sonny Westpac

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