Achieve High Performance in Leaders and Teams

Achieve High Performance in Leaders and Teams


In this short, yet insightful video, “Wardy” provides some great gouge into how fighter pilots are using the Flex method, all day every day. “Wardy” touches on how planning is all about setting clear and measurable goals. This ensures that the entire team understands to ensure everybody is on the same page for the mission.

He then moves into the briefing stage of flex, where the plan is briefed to everyone, and it is here that it is essential that everybody knows where they should be and what they are responsible for during the mission. The brief here is not a long drawn-out meeting where people aren’t paying attention. It is a focused and succinct time to gain clarity.

After briefing comes execution, where the biggest enemy is what we call ‘task saturation‘. Task saturation kills if the right tools aren’t being used to combat and overcome it.

Once the mission has been completed, successful or not, comes the debrief. A successful debrief is all about creating the right culture, where egos are left at the door, and respect rules. It is not about WHO is right, but about WHAT is right. This is the flex methodology, and it isn’t just for the fighter pilot world, this is for every business who are wanting to achieve high performance in all of their leaders and teams!



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