Is Your Old World Upside Down? Welcome to VUCA, It’s Going to Be OK!

Back in the 80’s the military realised that sometimes things just don’t go to plan, in fact, they rarely do. After the collapse of the USSR the US observed that the world was actually quite fractured and that the model of two superpowers taming the globe no longer existed. Forcing them to think about warfare in a different way and they called this new mindset VUCA. What is it??! VUCA refers to ANY operating environments that are volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. VUCA!

Digital disruption has accelerated the VUCA effect for all businesses, lower barriers to entry and the rapid transfer of information and knowledge has created a choatic environment for the human being to operate in, whether it’s business or in our personal lives. The line between the two blurring day by day thanks to the connectivity of the digi-sphere.

Boo talks about VUCA and more importantly what you can do as a team to find opportunity and grow during periods of uncertainty.

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