Operational Excellence

Operational excellence underpins the systems and standards fighter pilots use to execute their strategies.

Have you made the decision to strive for Operational Excellence? You have? That’s awesome! Because we’re a match made in heaven.

Many organisations are happy with "good". It's the pursuit of excellence that makes us great!

What is Operational Excellence?

Operational excellence underpins the systems and standards fighter pilots use to consistently execute their strategies at a rate of 98%. It’s evidenced by results and the success our clients experienced for the past 25 years.

In business, operational excellence is defined by a comprehensive understanding of risk, lower operating costs, higher revenues that collectively deliver higher margin. Organization’s that aspire to this standard are agile, meaning they adapt quickly to external forces and do more with less.

In an environment of excellence, people are happier, more productive and true harmony exists across the organisation thanks to the alignment of what needs to happen and what happens at the front line.

Operational Excellence is not a destination. It’s a way of being. Everyday.

Philosophically, operational excellence is not a management processes, system or methodology. It’s an ability to look beyond event-based models, such as a training module, course or individual development process, and commit to a long term and continuous organizational adaptive culture.

Operational excellence occurs when an organization adopts an agile framework for action (process) and way of thinking (culture).

Flex gives your organization the structure to pause, see clearly, and think clearly. When you give clear, measurable, achievable objectives it allows leaders to lead their teams to achieve those goals on a daily basis.

Flex will focus your team towards a culture of truth, instead of artificial harmony though the practice of debriefing. By focusing on what’s right — not who’s right — you’ll be able to transfer and apply actionable lessons learned to tomorrow’s mission and enjoy increasingly greater success rates with each iteration.


Operational Excellence Program

An Afterburner safety development program will empower your people to improve teamwork, communication and collaboration which will have a direct impact on safety. Our programs are experiential, fast-paced and designed to challenge the way your people think and operate.

You team will:

  • Explore the importance of nailing day-to-day operations to improve overall safety.
  • Learn the value of checklists for executing successfully, establishing better communication and alignment across the team.
  • Participate in a fun, hands-on planning exercise that actively engages each member of the group focusing on teamwork, communication and collaboration.
  • Examine human factors, task saturation and the tools to overcome these limitations by thinking and reacting with agility.
  • Learn how to debrief effectively and share lessons learned to ensure mistakes are not repeated.

Debriefing Workshop

Operational excellence through the art of Debriefing

Learn to focus on what’s right — not who’s right — to transfer lessons learned and enjoy increasingly greater success rates with each iteration.

An Afterburner Debrief Workshop is realistic work development experience designed to give your team the practical skills to effectively review the results of a completed or in-progress project/mission and act upon those results to achieve a desired outcome.

Guided by our fighter pilot facilitators, your team will learn to objectively review performance in a way that develops, improves and accelerates individual and collective performance.

To properly identify the true root cause of a result, we will introduce your leaders to our unique culture of “Nameless and Rankless” where position/title, personality, ego and fear or threat of reprimand is no longer relevant and has no bearing. This “nameless and rankles” tone is essential to achieving the honesty and truthfulness necessary to identify the actions required for change.

By the end of the workshop your team will have identified the results a completed mission, determined the reasons for those results and developed actions to ensure mistakes are not repeated, and successes are.


“It works! Out of a dozen or so speakers I have listened to over the years for improving my skills as a salesman, this one hosted by Christian “Boo” was the most effective, with the most usable and relatable skills.”


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