On Time On Target


Learn the simple techniques the air force has honed for 60 years to get your work done faster and more successfully, with more precision, just like some of the world’s most successful companies have done to dramatically improve their businesses.

How Teams and Companies Can Cut Through Complexity and Get Things Done…the Fighter Pilot Way


At Mach 1.5, encased in 20 tonnes of metal, fighter pilots don’t have much time to think. They prepare on the ground to take on anything in the air, then get their job done.

Former fighter pilots Jim ‘Murph’ Murphy and Christian ‘Boo’ Boucousis have built on the techniques the air force has honed for 60 years. You’ll make clearer decisions, and put them to action with more speed, more precision, more safety, and more success.

Flex’s proven plan-brief-execute-debrief cycle is the original and most widely tested ‘agile’ approach, getting you better and better with each mission. It cuts through noise and complexity, engages people, and helps build an honest and open working culture. Flex also sets your purpose and destination, so that when your team gives their all, they’ll deliver for your organisation.

The New York Giants used Flex to finally crack the Super Bowl. PepsiCo used Flex to take on Coke. You’ll see how some remarkable businesses have relied on Flex, and some remarkable pilots have taken Flex to their businesses. You’ll also feel what it’s like to be in the seat of a Hornet, and why Flex is so appreciated by the pilots it keeps alive.

About the Author

James D. Murphy is CEO of Afterburner Inc., the consulting firm he founded in 1996 after eight years as a F-15 fighter pilot with the US Air Force, and author of four bestselling books including Flawless Execution.

Christian Boucousis is CEO of Afterburner Australia and Mode Developments. He served as a F/A-18 fighter pilot for 11 years with the Royal Australian Air Force, using what he learned to build and run businesses in the Middle East, Afghanistan and Australasia.


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