Equip your people with tools and know-how to achieve a competitive advantage.

Develop your single biggest investment, your people. Equip them with simple, scalable tools to thrive in today’s highly complex and challenging environment. Afterburner’s experiential programs will inspire your team and provide them with a simple day to day execution framework.

Getting things done these days is rarely easy. We face more uncertainty, because the changes are more frequent, and bring with them things we’ve never encountered before. So it’s harder to do the things that really matter to us, and do them well. In order to survive and thrive in today’s environment, we must build for the future, at the same time as delivering today.

This starts with doing the simple things well and creating an environment where the collaboration of people, ideas and expertise is paramount because only then can we truly innovate. This is how a fighter squadron operates. The same agility, safety and high performance can be achieved inside your organization. Use our experience to equip your people with tools and know-how to achieve a competitive advantage today.

Corporate Training & Team Building

Our unrivalled team building and experiential training programs will equip your people with the tools and know-how to drive your organization’s performance from good to great. Through interactive experiential-learning scenarios and our world-famous break-out sessions, your team will learn how to inspire action and drive ROI when they return to work.

Our Program:

Half Day program – team and leadership development
Full Day program – team and leadership development + debriefing workshop
2 Day Program – team and leadership development + debriefing workshop + business planning workshops


Have you ever tried to learn fishing knots or a dance step from a book? Reading about something is one thing, seeing it done by a person who knows what they’re doing, and then doing it yourself, is something else.

It’s what fighter pilots call ‘teach/demo/do’, and our coaching programs follow the same approach. Our execution coaches will work with your team over a 90 day period to develop effective habit patterns through realistic on-the-job experiences.

How does it work? It requires patience. People like to be pointed to a manual and learn their own way, and managers don’t want to be overbearing, and don’t want to waste time. But both miss out. Whether it’s a routine maintenance, a new piece of software, a sales call, an investment pitch or a difficult conversation: the extra time up front pays.

Through demo/do training there is time to highlight the danger points and the shades of difficulty that don’t appear in the manual, to find out that each individual may do part of it well, and another part poorly. It’s demo/do, and it’s repeated, so there’s instant feedback to create new effective habits.

Training equals habits and new habits equal new behaviours.


Drawing on years of experience, incredible stories and rare aviation footage our pilots will inspire your people to strive for flawless execution as soon as they walk out the door.

Unique features of an Afterburner Keynote

The ‘WOW’ Factor: Professional Fighter Pilots: Our speakers are all military aviators and experts in high performance. Learn from the best as our team shares with you the secrets to operating at a 98 percent success rate so you too can thrive in highly complex and challenging environments.

Our Message: Simple & Practical: Focusing on a 4-step process used by fighter pilots for over 60 years, you will learn how to plan better, communicate clearer, operate more efficiently, and improve your performance each and every day.

Valuable Takeaway for Everyone: Your team will learn practical tools that can be used to drive ROI when they return to work. Our message is universal and can be used by anyone in any business.

Customised for You: When it comes to the customization of our programs, Afterburner has no equal. We will work with you to learn about your people, business and conference objectives to ensure our message is communicated in a way that resonates with your people.


“Thank you to you and the team for a very successful day. My team and I have already started talking about how do we make debriefing a daily practice.”

Sonny Westpac

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