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& Keynotes

with Real Jet Fighter Pilots In Your Conference Room!

Release Your Teams'

Inner Fighter Pilot!

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Gold Class Business Benefits With Fun!

From light-hearted team fun to our World-Class transformative Experiential Learning Programs, this UNIQUE team activity is 100% interaction and engagement ...with long-range business ROI.

You can take this to a whole other level, just like over 5,000 businesses world-wide, and bring the Fighter Pilot Mindset into your work, every day! Accelerate your company's growth with their 98% Accuracy and legendary Nameless & Rankless Debriefing.

Backed by high energy music and recently declassified cockpit footage, your team works together to plan and launch a Mission to “Save The World”, guided by our own TOP GUN pilots. It’s perfect for all ages, seniority levels and genders.

Executive Retreats - Conferences - Planning Days.


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Engaging Keynotes

The Fighter Pilot Mindset - 98% Success!

How does the Team Building
Activity Work?

Kick Off

Our real fighter pilots will share an insight into their world and then align this high-performance message to your organisation through our pre-event customisation. We can dial up the fun factor, or deliver more of an L&D focus, depending on your brief and in consultation with you.

The Mission

You’ll each be appointed as a Squadron Commander with your team. Depending on your organisation’s requirements, we can plan either a combat or humanitarian mission. Every player has a critical role to play. We also have the options to include themes, hats, a fully-themed room.

The Debrief

Learn the power of the debrief, a simple tool that can increase the performance of your team by 40%, after our pilots debrief the results of your mission.

Get To Know The Fighter Pilot World

During and after your event our pilots are keen to engage with yourself and your team, answering questions about their unique world. Be prepared though, our pilots are just as excited about working with you and will have plenty of questions for you on how your business works too!

Real Jet Fighter Pilots In Your Conference Room!

Where Else Can You:

Afterburner’s fun team building activity will create a customized “mission” to suit your team, your objectives and challenges!

That’s right. You HAVE to work together to take out the competition’s manufacturing plant or deliver a ‘humanitarian’ mission saving 1000s of lives.

Make Your Next Team Building Event


Over 1,500 Team
Building Events

Arrive As Individuals, Leave as An Elite Team!

Venues, Venues, Venues!

From Exhibition Centres to Six Star Boutique Resorts to mining town cafeterias, Afterburner can set up literally anywhere. Even in an aircraft hanger!

We regularly work with fabulous Professional Conference Organisers and Venue Finding Gurus who can help take your conference to the next level.

Or we can find the perfect location to suit. Leona recently found a sensational, swanky venue on Sydney Harbour, looking at the Opera House and saved her clients $1,000s of dollars over what they'd found.

Did you know that it
takes $15 million to
train a fighter pilot

Take their investment to your team

Discover and practice how to work as a team and execute with the same precision and 98% accuracy as elite military aviators and Special Ops teams.

Over 2.1 million colleagues have become inspired Teams, having fun whilst aligning their purpose to delivering flawless execution.

Bespoke team building events with Afterburner

Every business is different, that’s why we like to have a personal approach when we work with your business.​

"Afterburner brought six days of intensive training together into a final experiential program for over 100 Store Executive Managers focussing on leadership, planning and debriefing the daily operations of this billion dollar organisation."
"The level of energy and motivation in the room after the presentation was incredible, and the impact of your presentation was enormous."

We Can Help Your Mission To Build Your Team

How Can My Team Have Fun And Achieve A 98% Success Rate?

Corporate Team Building
Fun, Fast and Customised!

Learn what it’s like to fly in the uncompromising world of air combat from real fighter pilots from the RAAF. Your team will see rare and classified footage from inside the cockpit on real missions.

You’ll then work in teams to command your very own Fighter Squadron and plan a fun, time-critical combat mission.

Assigning Roles and Unique Call Signs, as a team you’ll build an executable plan around a clear, concise mission objective – with lots of distractions and changing information…just like the office!

Need more L&D?

Easy. We genuinely love taking it to a whole new level to customise for Agile Execution and Operational Excellence. Rapidly analyze threats, resources, lessons learned, and contingencies related to a mission. See the below customized experiences.

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