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Team building that's exhilarating

Your instructors have served as top fighter pilots in the Royal Australian Air Force. Learn elite skills and training to apply directly within your own business.

Kick-off concept

Kick Off

Our real fighter pilots will share an insight into their world and then align this high performance message to your organisation through our pre-event customisation.

Team Mission

The Mission

You’ll each be appointed as a Squadron Commander with your team. Depending on your organisations requirements, we can plan either a combat or humanitarian mission. Every player has a critical role to play.

Debriefing concept

The Debrief

Learn the power of the debrief, a simple tool that can increase the performance of your team by 40% after our pilots debrief the results of your mission.

Get to know us concept

Get to Know Us

During and after your event our pilots will engage with you and and your team answering questions about their unique world. Be prepared though, our pilots are just as excited about working with you and will have plenty of questions for you on how your business works too!

Energetic. Inspiring. Unforgettable

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What your team will take away

As tested in high-pressure aviation environments, our Flawless Execution model (FLEX) is proven to accelerate collective performance in any industry.

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Zone in on your mission objectives using our 6-step planning model

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Stay agile through clear, concise briefing and effective leadership

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Collectively navigate the path to each objective without distraction

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Adapt and develop with open debriefing for continuous improvement

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See how top organisations responded to their Afterburner experience.

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Brown Bros

"We have already incorporated some of key thinking presented by Afterburner around executing an air force ‘mission’… so that we can capture lessons learned for next time."

The Good Guys

"Afterburner [brought] six days of intensive training together into a final experiential program for over 100 Store Executive Managers focused on leadership, planning and debriefing the daily operations of this billion dollar organisation."


"The level of energy and motivation in the room after the presentation was incredible, and the impact of your presentation was enormous."