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Our inspirational keynote speakers are authentic Royal Australian Air Force commanders

  • • Fully Customised to your event We tailor our keynotes to your specific objectives and can theme your venue for an immersive experience.
  • • Drive genuine change You'll be amazed at how elite mission training can be applied in your own business to improve performance.
  • • Unique, interactive and fun

Impressive. Immersive. Entirely Unique.

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Our elite speakers


was a RAAF fighter pilot for over a decade and has gone on to run thriving businesses in property development and international humanitarian support.


is the first Australian female to fly in combat in a fighter jet, trained as an F/A-18F Super Hornet WSO and is studying her Masters of Business.


flew Hawks and Hornets in over 5,000 RAAF missions and taught Royal Saudi Air Force pilots before earning his Masters in Strategy and Management.


is an Oswald Watt Gold Medal winner, a specialist instructor at the F/A-18A Operational Conversion Unit and has worked extensively with at-risk youth.

Clients We've Inspired

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What will you learn?

The Flawless Execution (FLEX) cycle used by military aviators can transform productivity and performance in any industry with one simple model.

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Begin with a 6-step planning model to define your mission objectives.

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Locate simplicity amongst complexity and lead teams more effectively.

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Stay focused, avoid distractions and increase your situational awareness.

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Encourage continuous improvement through transparent debriefing.

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Our objective, your success

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"Afterburner absolutely delivered beyond our best expectations. I can highly recommend [them] as a team of professional hands-on top gun trainers."

Royal Hobart Hospital

"I have spoken to many delegates personally and a genuine appreciation and enthusiasm regarding the quality and style of the program… is universal."


"At Subway we have held numerous conferences and seen many keynote presentations over the years, but yours was like nothing we have witnessed before."