Developing Highly Effective Leaders

Reducing the complex challenge of effective leadership to simple tools and techniques.

Organizational excellence starts with leadership excellence.

To lead a team is not just to decide the right things to do, but to creating the dynamics in which people commit themselves, energetically and enthusiastically to bring those things about.

Maybe you can think of someone who is a natural leader, or perhaps you have watched someone develop into a truly collaborative leader. Like them, some of us aspire to be strong leaders and develop our own leadership skills. The question is: Is leadership a skill that can be trained?

Behaviors of highly effective leaders

According to a recent McKinsey study, there are four leadership behaviors that account for 89% of leadership effectiveness. They are:

  • Solving problems effectively,
  • Operating with a strong results orientation,
  • Seeking different perspectives, and
  • Supporting others

While developing business leadership can seem complex — especially when the marketplace is continuously changing, interpersonal conflicts arise and resources are scarce — these four fundamentals of collaborative leadership skills are behaviors that can be inculcated, practiced and achieved through the cultural adoption of processes and techniques.

How to develop high effective leaders

Derived from centuries of military experience and improved through the application of cutting-edge modern psychological research, Flex addresses the four behaviors noted in the McKinsey study and reduces the complex challenge of effective leadership to simple tools and techniques that anyone can learn and apply:

Plan – Focus the team and leader on critical problems by using the power of multiple perspectives to identify threats and opportunities at the outset so that problems are identified and solved rapidly.

Brief – The leader’s opportunity to ensure that everyone on the team understands the courses of action and the intended results. With effective and regular communication everyone understands how to lean in to achieve results.

Execute – Uncover any gaps between actual and planned results, allowing the leader and team to solve problems and stay focused on results even when team members are “too busy” to reflect, think and proceed effectively.

Debrief – The nameless, rankless review fosters a leader-driven culture of constantly and consistently seeking different perspectives on lessons learned.

Effective organizations develop, guide and empower engaged individuals. Develop your leaders and they will build the teams to get you to your pre-planned future.


Leadership Development Program

An Afterburner leadership development program will empower your leaders to align vision with strategy, and make decisions and act when faced with challenges and limited information. Our programs are experiential, fast-paced and designed to challenge the way your leaders think and operate.

Leadership can be learned from sound principles and the opportunities to practice them. An Afterburner leadership development program will do just that – provide your leaders with the opportunity to learn and apply:

  • An agile way to operate to drive accountable actions aligned to the organization’s strategy.
  • To solve problems effectively, operate with a strong results orientation, seek different perspectives and support others.
  • How to develop a culture that encourages continuous improvement.

Debrief Workshop

Develop agility, operational excellence and a culture of continuous learning through the art of Debriefing.

The ability to debrief is highlighted as a core competency of an adaptive organizations and is one of the unique on-the-job opportunities where leadership can developed, practiced, displayed, and observed.

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An Afterburner Debrief Workshop is realistic work development experience designed to give your leaders the practical skills to effectively review the results of a completed or in-progress project/mission and act upon those results to achieve a desired outcome.

Guided by our fighter pilot facilitators, your leaders will learn to objectively review performance in a way that develops, improves and accelerates individual and collective performance.

To properly identify the true root cause of a result, we will introduce your leaders to our unique culture of “Nameless and Rankless” where position/title, personality, ego and fear or threat of reprimand is no longer relevant and has no bearing. This “nameless and rankles” tone is essential to achieve the honesty and truthfulness necessary to identify the actions required for change.

Business Planning Day

Afterburner’s Business Planning Day (“BPD”) is highly focused, experiential planning workshop. It’s not a lesson or theoretical exercise – it’s a real world planning exercise designed to develop clear, actionable and measurable business strategies and plans. The program is facilitated by a fighter pilot and builds upon your team’s introductory Flex knowledge and skills.

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Through the use of a unique and stress-tested military planning process, your team will:

  • create strategies and plans that are clear, practical and above all executable.
  • identify and articulate critical business objectives that are aligned to your organization’s overall corporate strategy and purpose.
  • develop an executable strategy and supporting action plan that identifies who will do what by when, how they are going to do it, and any follow-on actions or plans.

“I thought I was in for a motivational feel good talk. Instead my mind was on overdrive on how things will be changing in my business [tomorrow]. Totally blown away.”

Business Blue Print

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